Welcome to Double Door Hostel

Double Door Hostel is a new Belgrade hostel. Established and ran as a labour of love by people who travelled a lot and were willing to share the experience of many world’s hostels with fellow backpackers and travellers. In downtown Belgrade, near railway and bus stations, and less then 5 minutes on foot to the very centre of Belgrade, Double Door Hostel is made to be the perfect place to stay when you are in Belgrade.

You will love our clean and stylish rooms with big windows and lots of light, lounge area with TV, comfy armchairs and spacious kitchen with everything you’ve been accustomed to in your own home.

Lovely terrace with a view makes Double Door Hostel unique in its neighbourhood. What’s more, our friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere will make Double Door Hostel your home away from home. We know what is it you miss the most on your long journeys – so, don’t be surprised when we greet you with – “Welcome home!”
Double Door – Double the pleasure!

Had a great time in Double Door Hostel

The Best Hostel in Downtown Belgrade